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19.05.2020 10:33:00

In 2020, the Krasnodar Region will increase the export of wine products in the framework of the national project to 5.7 million dollars

This year, it is planned to deliver about 345 thousand decalitres of champagne and sparkling wines of the local producers to the countries of near and far abroad.

The Krasnodar Region ranks first on the production of wine products, in particular champagne. In the first quarter of the year, the production was approximately 991.8 thousand decalitres, which is 1.6% more than in the same period of the last year.

- The share of the local champagne producers in the all-Russian volume consists 36 percent. In addition, this product is supplied to international markets, - the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of the region reported.

It should be reminded that over the last five years the volume of export of champagne and sparkling wines in the region has increased 4.2 times. Krasnodar Region is a leader in the volume of grape cultivation and processing. In the passing year, more than 212 thousand tons of berries were picked up. About 22 million decalitres of wine products were made of the berries.

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